7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Gemini

It’s not hard to hurt a Gemini soul. So if you have a crush on one or have a few Gemini friends and really care for them, watch out for these 7 things. Never tell them the following phrases:

1. I’m not interested in anything you have to say

Needless to say, this would offend practically everyone, regardless of their sign. But mostly Geminis.

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2. Why aren’t you laughing?

They love being around people with a good sense of humor but if you feel they didn’t appreciate your joke, just don’t ask why.

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3. You’re late

Geminis have their own time zone so forgive them if they’re sometimes late. And definitely don’t mention it. Not everyone is great with time management.

4. I can’t take your piece of advice

Geminis really like to solve other people’s issues and help them so they consider their support very much needed.

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5. Why do you need space?

Because, well, they do. It’s how they’re built. You will be rewarded if you care for their needs, especially this one.

6. You’re moody

A Gemini will never take this lightly. Just go with it when you feel they’re like the weather. It’s what makes them unique and precious.

7. You’re being too spontaneous. Always

This is what makes a Gemini spark so don’t take that away from them!

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