7 Tips For A Healthy And Lasting Relationship

Building a healthy and lasting relationship is hard work. Here are 7 tips for improving your chances at a successful relationship.

1. Don’t neglect your partner

Neglect is the silent killer of relationships. Ignoring your partner’s needs, emotions and words can only lead to indifference and heartbreak. Whenever you are in the presence of your partner, try to be fully there, to make them feel understood and appreciated.

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2. Don’t sweep the problems under the rug

Problems that are ignored or swept under the rug become insurmountable at some point. It’s tempting to not address our problems when they occur, but the more we ignore them, the more difficult they will become. Be brave and confront whatever is corroding your relationship!

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3. Don’t ignore your own well-being

Loving somebody else starts with loving yourself. From your diet to the care with which you nourish your soul, these are the gifts that you give to yourself and that, in the end, make you a better partner.

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4. Don’t ignore the importance of sex

With our lives being as hectic as they are, it’s easy to put sex on the back burner. But it’s not at all advisable, because it leads to resentment and a slow corrosion of the relationship. Make time for it, laugh about it, enjoy the anticipation of it! But don’t seek perfection, since it will put an unnecessary pressure on both of you.

5. Don’t let yourself be carried away by anger

Even the most wonderful partner can sometimes drive us crazy. We are too different not to encounter conflict. But the important thing is how we manage this conflict. Communicate the things that bother you, discuss them as objectively as you can and don’t let yourself become the victim of resentment and anger.

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6. Don’t forget to play

The older we get, the more our responsibilities and duties get the best of us. We then become frustrated and even depressed. Take breaks from being a serious adult and enjoy some playful activities with your partner. Let your inner child guide you!

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7. Don’t hold onto grudges

Whenever you feel disappointed, irritated or hurt, express these emotions, solve what can be solved and then move on. Bringing up past mistakes and being unable to forgive your partner can ruin your relationship.

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