10 Skills Every Gentleman Should Know By The Time They’re 30

It’s every man’s ambition to possess a wide range of skills so that he never gets caught unprepared in any situation. A man must be capable to deal with anything that comes into sight because he is a natural born-provider after all. So here are ten skills that every gentleman out there needs to know by the time they’re 30.

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The modern man needs to broaden his horizons when it comes to abilities. He must be both the rough shabby guy who can fix your car and the tactful guy who can be brought to the office Christmas party.

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1. Make a fire
It’s crucial to know how to build a fire as a man. When camping, women expect from you to take care of the fire, so it’s pretty outrageous for a grown man to not be able to make a campfire.

2. Swim
It is a survival skill that could save your life or someone else’s one day. You don’t have to be a swim expert, just to be able to float above the water.

3. Change a flat tire
Even if you’re not into cars, you still need to know how to change a flat tire. It will come in handy sooner or later, and you will never be left on the side of the road again.

4. Shake hands
A steady and firm handshake it’s not just important for a first good impression but it also conveys a lot of confidence.

5. Change a diaper
Every one wants to be a dad at some point and those who do not, may find themselves taking care of a nephew or a friend’s baby. One thing is for sure, you will impress the ladies.

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6. Shave with a razor
Traditional wet shaving has turned into a rusty skill nowadays, but if you quit electrical shaving and master this type of grooming activity, you’ll certainly impress some people.

7. Tell a good joke
Not everyone is a storyteller, but a man should have at least one joke in the back of their pocket. To be able to make people laugh without showing them a video or a meme is a major plus these days.

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8. Cook a barbecue
Forget about those grills with a push button, preparing a barbecue with charcoal requires a bit more skill and it’s all worth it. Also, the taste of the meat is far more delicious.

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9. Row a boat
Ladies will adore you if you give them a ride on the lake while rowing the heck out of a boat.

10. Tie a necktie
It’s a basic skill that you have to master till you turn 30.

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