4 Signs That Your Partner’s Emotional Baggage Might Ruin Your Relationship

Everybody has a past. But not everybody has dealt with it and most often than not this unmanaged past spills into our current relationships. Here are 4 signs that your partner’s emotional baggage is too heavy.

1. They compare you with their ex

You are a unique individual and should be treated as such. If your partner constantly compares you with their ex, they might be living in the past. You should not feel guilty that you are not somebody else. You should be appreciated for what you are.

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2. They talk about their past relationships too much

It’s normal to tell your partner the story of your life, loves and break-ups included. But if your partner talks constantly about their past relationships, if they give you intimate details about them and seems to be stuck in the past, this is a sign of emotional unavailability.

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3. They are very suspicious

If your partner is jealous, always wanting to know where you are and what you are doing, if they have a hard time believing you, this may be the consequence of past trauma. You can talk about this and try to help, but it’s not your responsibility to pay for other people’s mistakes.

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4. They are emotionally unstable

Whether they are desperate to be in a relationship or whether they have a hard time getting close to you and being emotionally vulnerable, both of these situations indicate an emotional instability that can be dangerous. The relationships should develop at a pace with which both of you are comfortable.

If you spot these signs in your relationship, talk them over with your partner! Left unsolved, they can only lead to break up. Please, share this!