9 Signs You Need To Respect Yourself More

There are people that are in constant war with themselves. They strive to treat others well, but they don’t give themselves the same consideration. Here are 9 signs that you struggle with self-respect.


1. You think that you need to keep your emotions hidden

Because you were taught that showing your emotions is a sign of weakness, you try to suppress them. But emotions are a part of who you are as much as your thoughts and actions. Don’t be ashamed of them and don’t keep them hidden. Air them out with confidence, since you are entitled to them.

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2. You are not in control of your own life

Maybe because you lack self-confidence, you allow others to tell you how to live your life. Don’t forget that you can learn from others, but your decisions are yours to make. Create the life you want to live.

3. You constantly do things that you hate doing

No matter if it’s new task at your job or a favor that you have no inclination to do for a friend, learning to say no is essential for self-respect. Otherwise, your mind and body will rise against you.

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4. You always put yourself last

Making compromises, reaching agreements and caring about other people’s feelings is a noble thing to do. This is until you neglect your own needs and desires and you don’t take into consideration your own wellbeing.

5. Your self-image is dependent on the validation you get from others

You are the only one who knows the real story of who you are how you’ve come to be the person that you are. Don’t seek validation from others, since the only thing that they can give you is their own desires masquerading as an objective description of you.

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6. You’re quick to judge yourself and others

Ok, maybe not so much others as yourself. Which doesn’t make things better. Make an effort to see yourself for what you truly are: an imperfect human being who is making her best to become better.

7. You think that everyone is better than you

First of all, they are not. And most importantly, why compare yourself to others to begin with? Why not just be at peace with who you are?

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8. You see any mistake you make as the end of the world

If you continue to put yourself down for every flaw and every mistake, soon you won’t find the courage to try anything new. Learn from your mistakeS and then just move on!

9. You never confront those who hurt you

Ok, some people are awful and will try to take advantage of you. But maybe it’s time to learn to stand up for yourself and not allow others to walk all over you. If you don’t respect yourself, others won’t either.

Treat yourself as well as you do others! Please, share this!