Bitter People Have These 6 Habits

Bitter people exude negativity. These are the things they do. Check them out so you’ll know what to stay away from.

1. They don’t care about other people

Because they imagine that everybody is against them, bitter people keep their distance from others. They form shallow relationships and don’t really care about the people in their lives.

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2. They are envious

Bitter people are never happy for the achievements of others, they are extremely competitive and don’t enjoy seeing others succeed.

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3. They hold on to resentment

Bitter people don’t forget and don’t forgive. They seem to be fueled by their resentment and they make no effort to let things go.

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4. They see the glass as half empty

For bitter people, life is long line of disappointments. They cannot enjoy anything and they always find something to complain about.

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5. They judge others harshly

Bitter people see the worst in people. And if they cannot easily identify a mistake somebody has done, they will go on and invent it. Everything to fit their pessimistic view on the world.

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6. They are never grateful

If they are helped or supported by others, bitter people don’t express their gratitude. They feel that because they have mistreated in the past, they now deserve the help they get.

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