Is A Busy Schedule The New Premise For Being Cool?

Why do we take so much pride in being busy all the time? Is a busy schedule the new and sole criteria for being cool? It sure seems like it. People who don’t have any plans for the weekend or don’t have all sorts of activities lined up throughout the week are disliked and even ostracized by the new wave of utterly cool busy people.

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It’s nothing cool in responding ‘nothing’ when asked what did you do over the weekend. The moment we choose to not do anything with our time but just enjoy it, we’re immediately criticized. Fresh research has shown staying busy might be the key to happiness. But is it being busy or being productive?

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Having occupied time is the same as being productive? Do we engage in activities that bring value to our life, which make us grow and improve ourselves? Because time is extremely precious and spending it on things that don’t matter a great deal to us in the long-haul, which don’t make a better person out of us, is really a waste of time.

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It’s good to invest time in activities and things you really enjoy but more often than not, we get tangled in our forever busy agenda and lose sight of the most important things in life. Like friends. Or family.

That’s your life passing you by!

How many times were you delivered the ‘I was busy’ line? People feast on this phrase so much so it sounds more of an excuse. Is this how you want to spend your life? A long record of excuses? Do we really desire to bury ourselves in work and not delight in the ordinary, no timetable, boring passing of time?

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I believe most people get confused and don’t really know what to do with themselves if they don’t have a full calendar. Not being active enough makes them think others will not be eager to get to know them, not consider them interesting enough or not acknowledging them as successful.

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Well, you know what? I do have time to pick up the phone when my grandmother calls. I do have time to remember all my friends’ birthdays. And I surely make time for exercising and music, my two favorite things in the world. Oh yeah, and I don’t measure my success based on how many activities I marked off. I have my internal compass to determine my version of success.

Do you have friends who are busy all the time? Do you think they’re throwing away their life? Then share this with them, they need to stop a bit and think about where their life is going.