What Cat You Should Have, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

We should stop kidding ourselves, cats ultimately make their own choices. But let’s pretend, just for once, that we get to choose our furry friend. What type of kitten you should have, according to your zodiac sign? Find out below!

ARIES – Siberian

You need a cat as dynamic as you, Aries! The Siberian cat is really playful, always running around and showing off its acrobatic moves. You might not keep up with them, they’re active and full of life.

TAURUS – Ragdoll

You and this type of cat have similar personality traits. You’re both strong on the outside and sensitive on the inside. Guaranteed you’ll spend lovely cuddling nights together.

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GEMINI – Siamese

The most vocal of all breeds, this kitten is all about communicating with people. They’re always there to snuggle.

CANCER – Maine Coon

The biggest cat breed there is, the Maine Coon is definitely the right choice for you. They are extremely loyal and super warm, two of the traits most appreciated by you.

LEO – Bengal Cat

Your fiery personality needs a wildcat in every sense of the word. The Bengal will match your temperament for sure.

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VIRGO – Sphynx

You don’t need all that cat hair invading your space, fluff all over your pillow or in your cup of coffee. This hairless kitty is the right choice for your pragmatic self.

LIBRA – Birman

The Birman makes for a great companion. They’re really caring and always willing to help. Plus, they’re somewhat quiet and cool, like you.

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SCORPIO – Russian Blue

These felines are leaders, they are smart and powerful. In any situation, they know what they want and how to get it. Sound familiar?


There’s no time for boredom with this cat! These kittens are simply adorable, dynamic and truly independent.

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The Korat kitty is awfully friendly, they love to spend time with family.

AQUARIUS – RagaMuffin

Calm and caring, this lovely kitten adores to be around people. Exactly like you, Aquarians!

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PISCES – Tortoiseshell

You need someone to get you out of that bad mood and this cat has it all covered.

Watch our awesome video below and see what your furry friend looks like!

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