Cat Lovers Are Smarter Than Dog Lovers!

We’re sure there’s a study out there which says that pet owners are happier overall than those who don’t have any pets. Why is this?

Well, being around our beloved cats or dogs and getting all that love from them can make our days brighter and even help us with stress relief. We know our little furry animals are loyal and always there when we need them to cheer us up. Research also tells us that there are personality differences between people according to their pet preference. Cool, right? A new study into this area actually suggests cat lovers are smarter than dog lovers. So you might want to stick around for this one.

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There have always been debates around this topic: dog people vs. cat people. Before we move on, we just want to make it clear that everybody’s awesome no matter what pet they own.

Why Cat People Are More Intelligent Than Dog People

Denise Guastello, who is a researcher and professor of Psychology, says that this can be explained by the environment each animal prefers. If you have a dog, you’re more likely to spend more time outdoors, interact more with other people, have a more lively social life.

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On the other hand, if you’re more introverted and sensitive then maybe you prefer staying indoors with your cat because they don’t need to go out for a walk. Spending more time at home also means you have more chances to use that time constructively. Being alone with your cat on your lap is the perfect environment for you to read a book or two or learn a new language, or why not, read more about cats.

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This is why the study points to the fact that cat lovers could be smarter. There are many benefits to spending time with our precious cats!

What do you think of this study? Make sure you pass this on to all the cat lovers out there!