Here’s Why You Are Special If You Are a Middle Child!

A recent study conducted by expert Katrin Schumann shows that middle children are special beings with some secret powers. Of course there are some challenges they may face and there are also a few stereotypes circulating.

Some say middle children can feel at times that they don’t belong and this is known as suffering from the “Middle Child Syndrome”. A different study shows that they are also the least talkative of all. We’re not sure how much of that is true, but this new study seems to point to the fact that middle children are in fact great team players.

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Middle Children Are More Cooperative and Reliable

The research also suggests that you can trust these people. Moreover, they make very successful leaders. Let us remember that great people like Martin Luther King Jr. or Madonna are strong leading figures.

Because these people tend to be more neglected while growing up, there are some benefits they can reap.

Middle Children Are More Independent and Empathetic

These individuals feel less pressure to conform and so become more self-reliant adults. Showing empathy to those around them makes them great employees, co-workers, but also magnificent partners.

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Middle Children Make Awesome Negotiators and Trailblazers

These people are more willing to sacrifice themselves and compromise for the greater good. They are also open to new ideas which makes them excellent trailblazers.

The study also suggests that middle children love justice and seek it at any price. Moreover, they are more inclined to take others’ needs into consideration as they grow up. One example to support these traits is Nelson Mandela.

A downside could be that they tend to have lower self-esteem because of the lack of attention they may get at home.

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Middle Born Are Very Happy and Faithful in Romantic Relationships

The most surprising thing that the study revealed was that middle children are the most faithful in a relationship and also the happiest.

This is why middle children rock! Don’t forget to pass this on to all middle-born you know!