Did You Know You Have These 3 Magical Skills?

Why are characters like Harry Potter, Red priestess from Game of Thrones or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings so fascinating to us? Not only because they are very complex characters and make us forget their fantastical nature. But also because people love magic. They might not admit to believe in it, but they surely hope that there is magic in the world.


In the late years, there is a whole body of research which shows that people do indeed possess some traits that we might call magical. Ok, it’s not about bringing people back to life as Melisandre did in Game of Thrones, but there are some special skills nevertheless:

1. Intuition

This is immediate and effortless contact with the truth. We just know stuff, without knowing how exactly.

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Studies have shown that gut feelings are a real thing and they can help us make better decisions. Our brain and our gut are linked in such a way that this axis can help us make better moral choices and improve our memory, learning and mood.

2. Mind reading

This is the ability to read in somebody’s eye their thoughts and feelings. Studies have shown that this skill has genetic roots and is linked with empathy.

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3. Hypnosis

This is a tool or procedure that helps with various types of therapies and medical or psychological treatments.

Hypnosis can help people with anxiety, certain phobias, chronic pain, substance abuse and eating disorders.

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Of course, most magic tricks are just that: tricks. Our minds can be misdirected for our amusement and the profit of the entertainment industry. But our brain works in mysterious ways and we might have more superpowers than we think we do.

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