Don’t Hate Them For Leaving, Even When Your Heart Aches

Sometimes, the person we love the most leaves our lives. And when they do, they leave us in pieces and disillusioned. In that moment, our lives become a complete mess and we don’t know where or how to start picking ourselves up.

The first reaction we get when something like this happens is to hate them. Because dealing with the rejection of a loved one is extremely painful, we find other ways to cope with it. And then we turn to anger and resentment and all those poisonous feelings.

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We think hate will find a way to help us overcome the calamity; we cling to anger as a desperate means to find release from our grief. And we keep saying to ourselves that we can never forgive them for what they did.

They broke us so they deserve the worst. But if we are more in touch with our emotions, we know that there’s no way we can hate someone this much days after our love for them was very vivid.

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So because we’re aware, we know that hate is just a camouflage for the immense love we still have for them.

And so we begin to realize that there is another path. We can choose to understand their reasons for leaving us. Sometimes, there are conditions and emotions beyond our control. And no matter how much we’d like to hold on to someone, it’s not possible.

And when they let us go, they are also allowing other people to enter our lives. Love doesn’t stop at them. If we had that colossal love for them, this can only mean we have in us the potential for that kind of love.

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We can choose not to nourish those negative feelings that will only keep us stuck. The more we reflect upon what happened and the reasons behind their choice, the more attuned with ourselves we become.

It only takes the right timing and the right person to come along. And when this person appears in our lives, we need to make sure we welcome them not with past hurt and resentment leftover. But with a blossoming sense of love, hope and forgiveness.

Yes, our hearts ache profoundly. But we know we have the strength to love again when the time is right.  And for this, we should never hate them for leaving. Please share this!