Being Highly Empathetic Has A Dark Side, Says New Research

Empaths are viewed as some of the most honest, caring and trustworthy people out there. But being deeply attuned to others’ feelings has a dark side as well. People who are highly empathetic may experience some serious health problems, says new research.

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Caring too much for others may wear you down

A high level of empathy is at fault for stress levels going through the roof. Being too emphatic can affect your immune system and other essential body systems.

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The research was done on parents of teenage kids, who experience a great deal of suffering from all those nights of struggle, stressing about their kids’ future and basically caring too much. Apart from having the happiest teens, emphatic parents were found to present higher levels of chronic, low-grade inflammation, a physical marker of stress that can affect the immune system.

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“Parents who readily engage with the struggles and perspectives of others may leave themselves vulnerable to additional burdens, expending physiological resources in order to better help others,” said the researchers.

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