How To Survive Saint Valentine While Being Single

If you are part of a happy couple, Saint Valentine might be cute and all. But if you are single, the whole shebang might get you down. Here is a non-professional guide to survive the day.

1. Disregard it

“Just forget it’s Valentine’s Day altogether. Just like you would if you weren’t single”, as one inspired guy on Twitter suggested. It’s not Christmas, after all, you don’t have to celebrate something you don’t want to celebrate.

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2. Make a date with your friends

You are probably not the only one who’s single. Find a friend and gang up on this frustrating and commercialized holiday. Having fun is the best revenge against that rogue called Cupid.

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3. Make a date with yourself

If you find yourself alone with no one to make fun of the stressed couples who try to make up for all the lack of romanticism in their normal lives with dead plants and fattening chocolate, enjoy your own company. You are allowed to ignore the world and all its fuss about nothing.

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4. Make sure you’re not single next year

If you are really bothered by your being single, if it’s not a choice but a burden, then you might want to make an extra effort to meet somebody. Visit some dating sites or singles bars or explore that new hobby of yours with new people!

And don’t worry, you’ll be just fine! Please, share this!