If Your Guy Does These 10 Things, He’s A Keeper

Finding the right man is incredibly hard these days. Maybe because our standards are much higher now and we value ourselves more as women.

Whatever it is, if you met someone who does these things, you definitely know he’s a keeper.

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1. He appreciates you and is not afraid to show it

He always let you know how much you mean to him, he shows respect and appreciation for who you are.

2. He always keeps it fresh

If your boyfriend likes to freshen or spice things up every once in a while, then he wants what’s best for your relationship.

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3. He tells you about his plans for your future together

This means he makes sure to include you in a future life together, he is willing to build something wonderful by your side.

4. He’s fully committed to you

The right man for you won’t run away from commitment. If he’s very dedicated to making your relationship work, then it’s worth it.

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5. He trusts you completely

There is trust and honesty between you two and you both intend to keep it that way.

6. He doesn’t fool around with other women

He knows that flirting with other women would hurt you so he never does it. This shows how much he considers your feelings.

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7. He supports you no matter how hard things get

The right partner will stand by you even in the most difficult of situations. Never let go this kind of man, they are so rare.

8. He knows your coffee order

Your coffee order, your favorite color, movie and your favorite restaurant. This shows how much he pays attention to the little things.

9. He makes sacrifices for you

If the situation demands it, he will go out of his way to make it work and to keep you in his life.

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10. He would do anything to see you happy

If all of the above don’t prove how much he loves you, then this surely will. All he wants is for you to be happy, and that is how selfless love looks like.

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