6 Things You Shouldn’t Do During A First Date

First dates are hard. For everybody. The nerves, the expectations, the awkwardness. Here are 6 things you should avoid doing in order to better navigate the troubled waters of first dates.


1. Don’t drink too much

Alcohol may seem like a natural choice to calm your nerves and make you more at ease, but it’s important to know your limits. Falling down the stairs or stumbling through your conversation will make a good impression on your date.

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2. Don’t speak about your ex

So you have somebody new in front of you and you choose to talk about your ex? What is the other supposed to understand from that? Find another kind of story to share, otherwise your date might get the idea that you’re still not over your past relationship.

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3. Don’t brag

Sharing stories, childhood memories, your likes and dislikes is a good idea.  But bragging about your high paid job or exciting adventures may not be the best approach. On the contrary, making fun of your flaws or sharing an awkward story about yourself might create a bonding feeling.

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4. Don’t lie about yourself, not even a little

You might be tempted to exaggerate a bit, to tell a white lie or hide important aspects of your life. Don’t! Your date has the right to know the truth about you and to make an informed decision about seeing you again. Moreover, it’s likely that you will get caught and it’s going to be embarrassing.

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5. Don’t use your phone

Being glued to your phone during the date is a sign of disrespect. Your date will feel neglected. Pay attention to the conversation and be present.

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6. Don’t act as if marriage is just around the corner

You might be very impressed by your date, you might even feel that is love at first sight, but don’t act as if it’s mutual. Don’t talk about your future together as a sure thing. Unless you want to come across as creepy.

Don’t forget that your best bet is being yourself! Being genuine and sincere can do wonders for your dating life. Please, share this!