The Link Between Verbal Abuse and Anxiety: What You Should Know

Being subjected to verbal abuse for a long period of time can lead to the appearance of the most common mental disorder, anxiety. This kind of abuse is frequently frowned upon, though its effects are as harmful as a physical abuse. Most people believe that bullying, insulting, yelling, and treating others with disrespect is legitimate and think this type of things don’t leave such awful wounds.

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What most of them don’t understand is that verbal abuse has the ability to slowly break a person into pieces, to damage them in such ways that their self-esteem completely vanishes. Verbal abuse changes a human being on a cellular level, even if it’s not accompanied by physical hurt.

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Verbal abuse is extremely destructive, it cripples the confidence and destroys self-esteem while affecting both sides of the brain, according to research. Continuous verbal abuse coupled with emotional abuse from a very young age affects mental development and can lead to numerous health issues.

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These mental traumas leave scars that last a lifetime.

They can translate into PTSD, suicide, depression, chronic pain, anxiety, digestive issues or eating disorders. The short-term symptoms include zero self-esteem, loss of motivation and enthusiasm, overthinking, as well as difficulty in making decisions.

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Closed environments disarm the victims, hence becoming the perfect preys for abusers.

The abusers choose to persecute their victims behind closed doors, where they have no chance of fighting back. They can either attack their interests and hobbies, blame them for this and that, make jokes on their behalf, belittle them, destroy their mood or manipulate them by name calling. They always bring them down and never apologize for the damage they do.

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They perpetually strike their soft spots, attacking everything that’s dear to them, never ever appreciate anything that they do. They purposely make them feel like they are not good enough, regarding of their achievements. There’s no wonder victims of emotional abuse struggle with anxiety.

Hopefully, you have not been a victim of verbal abuse. Knowing the signs of emotional and verbal abuse, you’ll now be able to at least recognize it. Please share this post!