Science Has Finally Caught Up With What We All Want: A Healthier Kind Of Alcohol

Many of us wondered why there’s no research concerning a healthier alternative to alcohol. Now there is and we can all celebrate.

Alcohol has a well-deserved bad reputation, being extremely addictive and dangerous. More so than any other drug. So a healthier alternative to it can only be a good news.

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Renowned professor of neuro-psychopharmacology at Imperial College London, David Nut, has studied for a couple of years a chemical substitute for alcohol, that produces inebriated-like effects but without any side-effects, and has zero calories.

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Now the research is in the seeking-more-investment-and-scientific-testing phase. “I’ve gone from this stage of being just me, the mad scientist, to having business partners,” Nutt told the Washington Post. “They’re the people who are hopefully going to get me the investors.”

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This new type of alcohol will not produce hangovers, aggression or addiction. The scope of the research is not to replace all alcohol, but to offer a healthier alternative.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this miracle drink to come on the market as soon as possible. Please, share this!