If You Enjoy Spicy Food, You Might Be In Trouble (According To Research)

Do you like your food hot? Are red chillies the one ingredient you can’t live without? It’s true that loving spicy food can have its disadvantages, but we just can’t help it sometimes, right?

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A study conducted through South Korea’s Busan National University has found a surprising link between spicy food and alcoholism. So those of you who love both should definitely know about this.

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According to a study conducted by South Korea’s Busan National University, people who like spicy food are more prone to alcoholism.

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Apparently, spicy food lovers are more likely to indulge in alcohol due to the fact that both of them stimulate the same area of the brain.

Alcohol and spicy food trigger the same receptors in the brain connected to the opioid, or reward. Both of these aliments perform on the exact same region of the brain, releasing pleasure-endorphins.

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So if you absolutely love really spicy food you are, unfortunately, more vulnerable to alcohol addiction. It’s such a surprise that both of them activate the same receptors in the brain. You can easily drink more alcohol just to get the same kick out of it as spicy food does.

So please warn all your friends and family about this hidden danger!