The Best Marriage Advice From A Divorced Man

Gerald Rogers is a personal development and business coach who tries to help people find their unique soul-purpose in life. Though he’s not a relationship expert, he is a divorced man who wanted to share his advice on marriage, hoping it will reach as many people as possible and save a couple of marriages on the way. After 16 years of marriage and losing the woman he loved, here’s the best marriage advice he can give.

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1. Don’t take her for granted – You promised to cherish her forever and ever, do not let that precious thing get out of your head. Don’t quit the courtship ritual just yet, remember that she said ‘yes’ to you and you promised to be the man forever by her side. Don’t forget she chose you and you vowed to protect her forever.

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2. Keep the spark alive – Your wife is not your property, she’s not compelled to stay with you. Things will clearly change during your marriage, both of you will. Thus you have to keep that spark alive at all times and choose each other all over again every single day. You ought to get to know each other better and learn from one another.

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3. Don’t expect her to save you – Never expect her to make you happy, the only one who can find happiness is yourself. You are responsible for that and your emotions, it’s not your wife’s job to make you happy. Everything will fall into place as long as you find happiness within.

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4. Keep a place in your heart just for her – You should have a soft spot in your heart just for your wife. No one must enter this special place except for her.

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5. Never blame her for your failures – Don’t blame the wife for your failures or frustrations. You should look for answers within yourself and determine what it needs to be healed. Your wife has the power to make you seek the true wounds of your soul, to uncover the scars of childhood. Once you heal those, or whatever is in your soul, you will never blame her for anything.

George learned these lessons the hard way but he never lost his faith in love. Be the epic lover that your wife is so longing for! Please share this beautiful advice!