The Secret Power Of Our Fantasies

Being afraid to be judged for our obscene thoughts is the reason why so many people tend to hide and bury their fantasies. Those miscellaneous fabrications of the mind can reveal a lot about ourselves and may have the potential to change us for the better.

The wild passion that we encounter in those figments of imagination is generated solely by the brain, the most important sexual organ in our body.

Nearly every fantasy we experience has something to do with domination, submission or breaking the rules, so we avoid these thoughts because they embarrass us. But we should definitely stop being ashamed of our erotic visions. Why?

Sexual fantasies have the power to heal us, namely the subconscious brain is trying to fix emotional issues.

In the book Your Brain on Sex”, Stanley Siegel argues that when we dream and fantasize, our brain is working tirelessly to cure us subconsciously. The subconscious brain digs up unsettling emotional problems and struggles within and redesigns them when we sleep in order to help us solve those challenges.

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This mechanism of the brain also occurs when the brain is maturing and enters puberty, that is when the subconscious promotes fantasies to make pleasure out of pain.

The brain takes all these emotional issues and uses these dire and unresolved feelings to develop sexual fantasies that may have the potential to free us from pain by altering it into pleasure.

Needless to say that the fabrications of our mind are raw, the erotic fantasies are one of a kind. This is why sometimes they may make us feel embarrassed or ashamed. Submission and dominance are the generic topics that relate to us all.

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When pleasure meets pain, the sexual healing occurs.

We should let our past wounds and hurtful memories give us pleasure in the guise of fantasy and we may defeat the past.

The faster you start being more curious about our sexual fantasies and allow them to emerge, the sooner you will draw the lines together. That’s when the healing process will happen.

With some exercise, we will be able to explore our fantasies without remorse or shame while curing the broken areas.

Understanding our drive for sexual pleasure as the curing process it is can make us more willing to grow and explore.

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