Unrequited Love And Why We Cling To It

Most of us have experienced this type of ‘addiction’ before. We have all been in the pursuit of an unavailable partner, unsuccessfully so. And it’s not a very nice feeling. In fact, it can leave serious marks on us if we don’t choose to move on from it.

Unrequited love can cause a great deal of emotional damage and it can take many forms. Of course, we cannot compare divorce cases with someone simply refusing to go out on a date with you.

But no matter the form and depth, unrequited love hurts and has the potential to keep us stuck. The entire concept is based on the hope that one day, maybe one day…they will feel the same way about you.

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Not being able to let this idea go can keep you from meeting other people and opening yourself up to different kinds of experiences.

We’re sure everybody can trace throughout their romantic pasts, at least one instance when they remained attached to someone. And it so happened that that someone didn’t reciprocate their love and affection. Maybe some of us are still clinging to an old friend who never saw us as more than a friend.

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What we are clinging to in fact is the hope that things and feelings may change. We’re sometimes stubborn in our own ways of thinking when we believe that circumstances can be different at a certain point in the future.

And that’s true. But although circumstances change, that friend from our past may never be able to see themselves romantically involved with us. It comes down to not being to force someone to have feelings for you, as harsh as this may sound.

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Facing this truth sooner can help us see the potential in other people. The moment you realize you don’t really have the power over the other person’s feelings, you will feel liberated. You will realize that what you fantasize about is simply not possible.

However, it takes will to get over this relentless hope. But you have what it takes to move on!

Tell us about your unrequited love experience!