This Is The First Ever Confirmed Drug That Makes You Smarter

After a systematic review conducted by a team at the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School, Modafinil has been confirmed the first ever legit ‘smart drug’. It was initially created for narcoleptics, people who are sleep-deprived, but the pill was found to enhance cognitive abilities.

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Drugs that claim to make you smarter have been on the market for some time now and people are starting to take them, especially students. But from an array of ‘smart pills’, this seems to be the single one with actual visible results.

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After more than 24 studies, the researchers concluded that your brain works better on Modafilin, it enhances your performance and productivity. It helps in areas like flexibility, creativity, planning and decision making, learning and memory. 70% of the studies reported little to no side effects, which is a real win for this type of medicine. Scientists haven’t yet analysed the long term effects of this drug. What would happen if you took this pill every day for years on?

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And what about the ethical point of view of this matter? Is it fine to take a cognitive enhancing drug when you have no problems in that department? Is that cheating? Some may say it is. Because it helps in increasing performance, so if you take it in a competitive environment, it most definitely might be considered as cheating. Scientists point towards this ‘smart drug’ to be very helpful with exam preparation. Apparently, 1 in 4 students take Modafilin at Oxford. But it’s easy to overindulge in this kind of drug and people will do just that.

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Yes, this drug will probably make you smarter, but only for a brief moment. You will not grow into Einstein overnight. It will just boost your performance for a while. Remember, there are not studies on the long term effects of this drug, so be aware. If you think you’re not smart enough, try the traditional approach first. Read, study, talk to people, learn a new language. Don’t believe this drug will make wonders on your brain.

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