6 Tools Of Narcissistic Manipulation And How To Recognize Them

Narcissistic manipulation comes in many forms. There isn’t one technique that works better than all the others. A narcissist will more like employ a combination of these to get what they want.

If you’ve ever been a victim of such a behavior, then you know what you are up against if involved with this dark type. You were sucked in by their charm only to realize how much power they had over you. Once you learn their road map by heart, you won’t be fooled again.

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Here are 6 sneaky tools narcissists use to manipulate you:

1. They make sure they control everything

This is a big part of their game strategy. Controlling everything from the topic of the conversation, where or what you eat, money will make it easier for them to reign over your mind. If it sounds just like a dystopia, it isn’t.

2. They are incredibly charming at first

Seductive even. That’s because they can’t claim ownership of you if they don’t win you over first. If their charming skills are suddenly out the window, know that they didn’t have good intentions to begin with. It was all part of their masterplan.

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3. They use other people to back them up

If they feel you are slipping away from their grip, they will rely on other people to enhance their image and to stick to their plans. With a third party at their disposal, they will have someone to endlessly stroke their ego.

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4. They downplay your achievements

Unless they really need you. When they want to obtain something, they will praise you. Once you’re no longer of use, they will make you feel small. It’s best to stay away from people who constantly put you down. They do this so they can put themselves on the pedestal.

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5. They use gaslighting

This is a well-known technique and one manipulators use at length. A narcissist will make you question your sanity to turn you into a helpless victim.

6. They constantly play the victim

This goes hand in hand with constantly blaming you. Specifically for acts you never committed. If they’re the one being abused, then they can have you at their feet. Guilt is such a tremendous force, one of their most effective tools.

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