What Do Single People Really Want?

If you are single by choice, you are probably asked what are you waiting for. What do you want that the romantic market is not giving you? Researchers have asked single people this kind of questions and here is what they found out.

Do single people want to have infinite sexual encounters, to keep them casual and never bother to involve themselves in a serious relationship? A massive survey in US concluded that the vast majority of single people are actually looking for a serious relationship.

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How do they search? By hanging out, having friends with benefits or going out for a date. These behaviors may not seem like serious attempts at looking for love, but in reality they show that the concept of courtship is expanding. And these tactics have proved themselves successful in launching a romantic relationship.

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Do single people enjoy the sexual diversity their romantic status allows? Yes, of course (if by “single” you mean “not in a relationship, but still having sex”). But they also want the profundity of a serious, committed relationship. Are these wants contradictory? Can we have it both ways?

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There’s no define answer to this question. The fact is that people are looking for new and improved ways to reconcile their need for deep and meaningful relationships with the desire to keep the sexual spark alive in their lives. Please, share this!