What To Do When There’s Something Missing From Your Life

If you spend your life checking things off the list society has imposed on us all and you still feel there’s something missing from your life, it’s probably true.

If you live fast, stay productive and active, but your body or your gut is telling you that this is not the right path, you may want to start listening to them. When you lived all your life relying only on your intelligence and nothing more, it’s not easy to admit that your heart may have a different path for you.

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Once you decide that there’s indeed something missing from your life and you want to find out what it is, you should:

1. Accept all your feelings

Whatever your feelings may be, dark or positive, they are yours to feel and to accept. They all try to tell you something and if you listen carefully, they may lead you where you need to be.

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2. Listen to your intuition

Intuition is a way of knowing that doesn’t need facts or proofs. It just knows. And if you are searching for something that your analytical mind didn’t find, maybe you should change gears.

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3. Be in the present

Instead of living in the past or for the future, learn to appreciate and be comfortable in the present. It’s the only time that is real.

4. Rest, refresh, repeat

Taking care of your body, honoring it and listening to it when it needs rest and comfort is one of the most precious gifts you can give to yourself.

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5. Honor your creativity

Embracing your creativity will help you find whatever is missing in your life, because when you are creative, your inner child comes out to play.

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This search may take longer than you think, but it will lead you where you never knew you wanted to be. Please, share this!