When You’re Ignoring Her, You’re Only Teaching Her How To Live Without You

The “play hard to get” approach doesn’t work well with women. Although it has been scientifically proven that playing it cool makes you more attractive, in reality, pretending to be less interested only pushes women away.

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Yes, as human beings, we are endowed with a craving for the unknown. We are designed to yield to the uncertainty effect, to be more intrigued to uncertainty than certainty. Can’t argue with that, where’s the thrill in something assured and expected?

This theory though applies more to the beginnings of the relationship, in those first stages where you see how the land lines. When romantically involved with someone and trying to build a relationship, acting like you don’t care is just wrong.

A lot of men believe that if they behave poorly with a woman and ignore her, they will become more interested. Moreover, some think that if they treat her badly, she will then give more love and affection than before. Awfully false.

A strong woman will never respond to indifference and passivity but to honesty and truth. She will not surrender to manipulative methods, she knows better than that. Those may work with inexperienced women but never with real women.

A real woman knows exactly what she wants and what is best for her. When she’s in, she does not play tricks. She does not need games to fulfill her life. If you’re ready to be real with her and treat her well, she will do the same for you. She will take care of you like no other. But if she catches you lying, showing dishonesty and playing games with her, she will walk away in an instant without looking back.

She would never get involved in a relationship if strong feelings are not there. She knows that when you really love someone, you simply cannot ignore them. So she will never be the subject of so and so, she gives everything and expects the same in return. She needs a real man by her side, someone that she can count on and who always has her back. If you’re not giving her what she needs, she will dump you. Fast.

Many men out there believe they shouldn’t show their true feelings to their partner. Like that would make them feel weaker or be the underdog of the relationship. So they choose to act cool, detached, even aloof and cocky. Bad moves.

She values honesty more than anything. Keeping things away from her and not letting her know how you truly feel, not showing her love and affection, not giving your all, will only push her further away. She will leave you.

Always treat her with respect. If you treat her right, she will fall for you and she will probably give so much love that you won’t ever want to let her go.