Who’s The Real Mother Of The Child? The Answer Says A Lot About Who You Are

We all have more than one dominant trait when it comes to our personalities. The results of this test will reveal some things about yourself, perhaps some you were not even aware of.

This is what this game is about. As shown in the illustration, there are two women in a room, sitting opposite to one another while a boy is playing on the floor between them.

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The question is: who is the mother of the child? Of course, there is only one correct answer, but what you choose will say something about you.

1. This is what it means if you chose the WOMAN ON THE LEFT

70% of people go for this answer. Even though it’s the wrong one.

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This makes you the creative type. You’ve had a rich imagination ever since you were little. This has turned you in an intelligent person, a quite dreamy one too. When it comes to humor, you are the one among your friends who can throw in a joke and make everyone feel great.

Your taste in music and art in general is definitely unique and people choose to turn to you for opinions or advice. Alongside these qualities, you are a person of courage and loyalty. You choose kindness and empathy over any other values. All in all, these are the traits that make you stand out.

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2. This is what it means if you chose the WOMAN ON THE RIGHT

Here’s a secret: when toddles play, they will subconsciously face their parents if around. That’s their way of asking for approval. So congratulations for choosing the right answer!

You may have had different reasons for choosing the woman on the right. Either way, this is what your option says about who you are.

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Your intelligence exceeds that of the average person. You have a strong sense of logic and reasoning which means your brain’s left hemisphere is highly developed. You are also the pragmatic type; other skills include the ability to organize and plan ahead as well as support others.

When it comes to romance, your good sense of humor and cleverness make you an exquisite partner.

We hope you had fun with this personality test! Do spread the word!