The First Animal You See In This Picture Will Reveal Your Personality

Our personalities are as complex as it gets. We all have our unique traits that make us who we are (as well as some unique flaws). And most of the times, one of these particular traits is dominant. Here is a little game that will reveal some things you may not know about yourself.

Tricky, but fun! Here we go!

The illustration below shows multiple animals. Look at it closely and think about which animal you see first. Then scroll down to see what this means in terms of your personality.

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If you saw a rooster, then your dominant personality trait is perseverance. Despite its small size, a rooster is smart, quick and persistent. Not to mention fierce. So keep fighting back and strive for what believe in.


Butterflies are known for their beauty, grace and elegance. They are harmless and vulnerable even. If the first thing you saw in the picture was a butterfly, chances are you are that kind of person too. Not necessarily shy, but fragile and perhaps introverted too.

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People who saw a crab first are usually hard on the outside but soft and warm on the inside. If you saw this first in the picture, then you are a loyal caring person. You know how to place the needs of the others above your own.


These people are generally lonely creatures. They are fierce and not afraid to confront problems, even if they are all by themselves. Loner as you are, you also tend to stand out when in crowds.

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If you saw the stallion first, then you are most likely to be an ambitious person. You are also hard-working and driven to success. And that’s because failure doesn’t scare you; you know you always overcome adversity.


Always a symbol of peace and love, the dove is incredibly beautiful. If this is what you saw first in the picture, then you are a wonderful soul. You are warm and at peace with yourself and you long for compassion and love.

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Praying mantis

If you saw the praying mantis first, then you are a person with strong instincts and much patience. You are driven and forever guided by your inner voice which you trust completely.

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We all well know how loyal, caring and selfless dogs can be. If this is what you saw first, then you have all these traits. You know how to care for others’ feelings but you are also fierce when the situation demands it.

We hope you had fun with this! Don’t forget to pass it along!