10 Things Men Secretly Like But Would Never Say

Men are people of few words. They rarely say exactly what’s on their mind and often expect us to be the ones reading their inner thoughts. Here are ten things men wish women knew without saying them out loud.

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1. I secretly like romantic gestures – A man will never admit to be into cheesy stuff for that may harm his masculinity and endanger his bad boy image.

2. See the things I do for you – They simply want you to notice the things they do for you, even the little things.

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3. Move in with me – Men have a hard time admitting they’d like you to move in as soon as possible out of fear over the possibility of losing you.

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4. I wish you’d initiate more often – Guys would love for women to initiate sexual intimacy more often but don’t have the gut to tell them.

5. Accept my help – They know you take matters into your own hands and can handle basically anything but they’d really like to help you out with your problems, it makes them feel wanted and needed.

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6. Don’t flirt with other guys – Men hate it when you flirt with somebody else even if they act like they don’t care. They don’t want to share even the tiniest piece of you.

7. Talk to me – Men go out of their mind when women don’t tell them what is actually wrong or what’s bothering them. Most of them would love for you to just speak your mind.

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8. Pamper me! – This one they will never ever admit to be true. All of them secretly love to be pampered, they simply melt when you lavish care on them.

9. Understand my love for sports and games – They really like to have a time for themselves, doing whatever they enjoy the most, like watching a sport game or playing video games.

10. Offer to get the check – Men don’t want you to pay for dinner, they just want you to offer to pay the bill. It’s the gesture that counts.

If you do these 10 things for him, he’ll probably be yours forever! Spread the news!