Why You Should Teach Your Daughter To Be Rude

Raising a child is never easy, but raising a daughter is even more difficult. And the reason for that is that parents want to both protect them and teach them to stand up for themselves. And standing up for oneself might be seen by others as being rude.

When a little girl is reprehended because she doesn’t smile to a stranger or because she talks too much or too loud what is being said behind the lines is that she will grow up to be a strong woman. And a strong woman is a threat.

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Societies where there’s little gender equality want women that are docile. They have to be ready to please and to smile for no reason other than to entertain the men.

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Another thing suggested by a stranger expecting your daughter to smile or to look pretty or nice is that she should weaken her boundaries for the sake of being polite. But no one is entitled to ask that from your daughter.

Better to teach them to be rude. Not for the sake of it, but it’s better to offend some stranger’s sensibility and unreasonable expectations than to teach them that they should be compliant towards any man who feels entitled to their time and attention.

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In other words, your daughter doesn’t have to smile if she doesn’t feel like smiling. She is allowed to keep quiet if she feels like being silent or talk back if she is insulted. And if anyone, man or woman, feels offended, it’s their problem.

Your daughter owes nothing to nobody. Please, share this!