You Are 5 Sentences Away From Having A Better Relationship

I will never make that mistake again. This is what we tell ourselves every time we end a relationship. But then time passes by and we do the exact same mistake. For example, not communicating often or well enough with our partner. And most of the time, it’s best to tell it as it is.


Here are some things you really need to learn how to say to your partner.

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1. I was wrong

Even though it’s not an easy thing to do, own up to your mistakes. If you insisted you knew the route to the new restaurant in town and two hours later you’re still lost, then admit that you were wrong. There’s nothing wrong with conceding a point. Your partner will admire you for it.

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2. I’m still not over that

Conflict is inevitable in long term relationships. That’s why it is essential to know how to handle it. If you’re still mad about something, you’d better share this with your partner rather than let it fester. It’s better to talk it through now, rather than have it explode at the most unexpected moment.

3. This is why I love you

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If you are quick with your criticism, be as quick with your compliments as well. Make sure your partner knows you appreciate the little things he or she does for you. Point out all the ways he or she impresses you just by being their awesome self.

4. This is what my future holds

No matter how your plans for the future look like, you should make sure they are yours to fulfill. If your partner expects you to quit your job once you have kids and you want something completely different for yourself, then this is not something that will solve itself by ignoring it. Communicate, negotiate and compromise but don’t let your dreams down!

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5. I’m not OK with this

Establishing boundaries, expressing your needs and preferences should be something you do on regular basis. Don’t expect your partner to guess what bothers you and then sulk if they don’t. Expressing yourself is good not only for the relationship, but for you as well. It’s an inquiry into who you are and this is a lifelong process.

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