10 Signs They’re Not The One

You’re in search of that perfect companion, somebody who can be by your side for the rest of your life, showing you genuine love and dainty consideration. That one person who understands your true nature, who knows your moods and has the ability to cheer you up every time you are in low spirits.

But is your actual partner the soul mate you have been seeking for all your lifetime? Here are 10 signs that prove you haven’t found true love yet.

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1. They can’t read you

No one is able to read minds for real, but those instants when they do or say exactly what you were thinking in that precise moment, those are signs of authentic love and a strong relationship. That’s proof of a connection that will last for sure.

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2. There’s no chemistry

We can’t deny the need for psychical chemistry. If there is none, the relationship is doomed to end sooner or later. We know that those reactions in the brain last for the first two or three years of the relationship, so zero chemistry means a future lifeless relationship.

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3. Zero compliments

If they never compliment you, there’s clearly something going downhill. We all need to hear, at least from time to time, how great we look in that new dress or how tasty our meal is. Compliments are reminders that we are significant people in their lives.

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4. They sometimes neglect you

Do you feel like you’re not the sole priority in the relationship? Do they text you in the morning to check up how your day is going? Or do they run to the pharmacy when you fall ill? This would be testimony you are the most important person in their lives and the single priority whatsoever.

5. They are being judgmental

Receiving criticism from your loved one on a constant basis slowly damages the relationship until there will remain only anger and frustration. A stable and loving relationship is built on understanding, hearing, seeing and accepting someone for who they are.

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