3 Secrets It’s OK To Keep From Your Partner

There has to be a dash of mystery in a romance. Otherwise it could become tedious and vapid sooner than you think. You can keep secrets from your partner and that’s ok. This classified information doesn’t harm your relationship.

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It is clear that none of you should be hiding things from each other, not as long as you are in a committed, monogamous relationship.
Your lover doesn’t need to know every detail of your life or every single thought in your head.

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Needless to say that you must not conceal matters of true importance from your partner. Like big problems you are struggling with, money issues, addictions or other relevant things regarding your relationship.

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On thing is for sure: no matter how deep your connection is, you should always remember that you are your own person. Losing yourself in other person means losing your identity, that is forgetting the person your partner fell in love with in the first place.

So here are 3 things that your darling is not telling you, for the sake of both of you:

1. Someone made a pass at them

They will not let you know about each and every wink or flirtatious chat. And that’s all good. If you were to hear about this every day, you would most certainly get controlling and lose your confidence. The main point is that they don’t cheat on you, physically or emotionally.

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2. They find someone attractive

It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to other people. And you don’t have to know about it, as long as your significant other doesn’t carry on this interest.

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3. They discovered something bad your friend did

Your partner may withhold information about some friend of yours so that they don’t get wrapped in all that drama. They respect your friendship but still make the decision to not get involved. If this secret does not concern you directly, then it’s alright for your partner to keep their mouth shut.

It’s OK to keep these secrets from your partner, stay chill and share!