6 Things People Say When They Want To Hide Their True Feelings

People who are not in touch with their feelings don’t want to talk about them. They have developed defense mechanisms to keep their feelings hidden. Here are the kind of things they say.

1. Let’s forget about it

In trying to hide their feelings about a certain topic, they will attempt to reject the topic itself. It’s their way of erasing the feelings associated with painful subjects.

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2. It wasn’t meant to be

This is their way to make you feel that they have distanced themselves from a certain rejection, attributing their failure to the fate. In reality, they blame themselves, but they don’t want to admit it.

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3. It’s too late

This is another automatic response they have against failure and rejection. Instead of expressing disappointment, they make it up to be a matter of bad timing.

4. I don’t want to talk about it

It may seem to be a choice, but it’s not. By not talking about it they keep a part of themselves hidden, because they feel ashamed of it.

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5. You don’t understand

People who are not in touch with their emotional side will start telling you something embarrassing and then just stop and tell you couldn’t understand. In fact, they don’t give you that opportunity because they don’t trust you to stay their friend after they confess what is troubling them.

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6. Don’t worry, I’m fine

One of the most important reason a person will keep his emotions hidden is that they feel that if they would to confess them, they will become weak in the face of others. That’s why they try to keep a smile on their faces: they don’t want to be a burden for others.

Don’t forget that everyone wants to communicate and that it’s up to you to make an effort. Please, share this!