7 Things You Can Do Right Now For The People You Love

The people we love make up our sanctuary. But sometimes we don’t know how to express our love for them. Here are some suggestions.

1. Be there for them

When in the presence of a loved one, really be there for them, with all that you are, ready to meet all that they are.

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2. Really listen

Listening is an art. You need more than open ears, you need an open heart.

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3. Don’t lie

Whenever we lie, we disrespect ourselves and the ones around us.

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4. Don’t judge

Whenever you are tempted to put a label on someone, remember that you can see only the tip of the iceberg, that you don’t know the whole story behind a person’s choice.

5. Give the most generous interpretation

Whenever somebody says something hurtful, don’t take it personally and don’t assume the worst.

6. Forgive

To forgive is to unburden yourself from resentment and anger and becoming lighter.

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7. Express your gratitude

Make others feel appreciated and let them know that you consider them to be a blessing in your life.

Do at least one of these things today! Please, share this!