3 Signs Your Tinder Match Likes You, According To Study

According to a recent study concerning online dating, about 7 million Brits are currently using dating sites. Though many don’t believe in this kind of service, they still give it a shot once.

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For many of us, online dating is a service at hand for meeting new people and, hopefully, developing meaningful connections. But the reality is, few matches on various dating apps end up together because it’s hard to score a date and 40% of Brits know it too well.

It can be tough to figure out if someone you’re chatting with is into you or not. Sometimes you simply can’t tell if their interest is honest, they say ‘hi’, you say ‘hi’ back but then the conversation is going nowhere. Other times, you’ve been talking for weeks but can’t seem to nail down a date.

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Here are 3 signs your match might like you for real:

1. They reply quite fast

If they haven’t replied to your message within 24 hours, they probably never will. It’s better not to expect any more and ‘swipe left’.

2. The conversation is quite smooth

About 37% of couples who met online spoke for a week before going on a first date. If the conversation is flowing, it’s easy to assume that you’re heading toward the right direction. But it’s not always something set in stone.

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One of the ways to discover if they’re into you is to apply the ‘FLIG’ principle: F is for frequency ‘how often do you chat?’, L stands for length ‘how long is the dialogue’ and I refers to the level of intensity of the conversation. G is for gesture that refers to body language, but in this case, it can be interpreted as the willing to go out.

3. You plan your second date on your first

If you enjoy your first date, there’s no point in waiting any longer for the second one. No matter if you’re a guy or a woman, if you can see yourselves together, ask them out on a second date. Apparently, 77% of couples do this during their first date.