How To Ruin A First Date In 6 Easy Steps

A first date can be the gateway to happiness. Or it can be a total disaster. Here are 6 things to avoid if you want to get a second date.

1. You talk too much

The point of a first date is to get to know the other person. So communicating is essential. But if you talk constantly, don’t ask any question about the other person and they don’t get a word in, you’re wasting everybody’s time. You should’ve stayed at home and talk in front of a mirror.

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2. You’re glued to your phone

There’s no point in going out and meeting people if you’re going to do the same thing you do every day of your life: stay glued to your phone. So if you do that, don’t be surprised if your date gets up and leaves.

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3. You overshare

Yes, the other person is interested in knowing you. But this doesn’t mean they want to know about your fungus infection or about how you wetted the bed until you were 14. This is at least 2 years into the relationship kind of information.

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4. You plan your future together

Those butterflies in your stomach may give you a hard time, but this doesn’t mean that you can go on and plan your future together. Hope for the best, but don’t assume that there will be a future to talk about.

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5. You talk about your ex

Your date doesn’t want to know how your ex broke your heart. Or about how you stalked them for a while. Everybody has a past, but this is not something to be discussed when you’re trying to build something new.

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6. You drink too much

Maybe you think that alcohol makes you more interesting and more talkative and that, after all, everybody has a drink to take the edge off. And that’s OK, unless your date has to carry you home.

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