4 Mistakes To Avoid For A Healthy Relationship

To give someone your heart is a courageous thing to do. But this does not guarantee a happy ending. Here are 4 mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to ruin your relationship.

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1. Being passive-aggressive

People turn to passive-aggressive behavior because they are not comfortable with open conflict or because they consider it preferable to shouting and fighting. What they neglect to see is that this kind of behavior can be as harmful as constant conflict. Confront your partner on the issues that bother you with calm and respect!

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2. Bad mouthing your partner

Whatever your partner has done to upset you, discuss it within the couple. By telling your friends and family about it, you only make things worse. They cannot really help you and your partner will feel offended. Don’t break your partner’s trust, since it’s essential to the relationship!

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3. Not knowing whether you’re just dating or you’re in a relationship

Unlike dating, being a relationship implies that you’re committed to each other. It means that your relationship is more than about fun and games. In a true relationship, you can count on your partner to give you support and affection. If you’re not sure what is your relationship status, don’t hesitate to clarify the situation. If you don’t, this can take a toll not only on your present situation, but also on your shared future.

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4. Prioritizing every other aspect of your life over your partner

Modern life being what it is, we’re all busy and sometimes neglect our partners. But if this happens a lot, the tapestry of your relationship might unravel. Make time for your partner, make them feel loved and appreciated. Otherwise, they will feel taken for granted and they will become less committed to you.

A good relationship is not a given. Please, share this!