The 4 Most Common Things Narcissists Will Do To Get Their Way

Narcissists have a knack for manipulation. And they are so skilled at it, that sometimes their machinations are not as easy to discover as one might hope. Here are 4 things a narcissist will do in order to take advantage of you.

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1. They will use you and leave you

A narcissist sees other people as means to achieving their goals. But once they have nothing else to gain from you, they won’t hesitate to abandon you. And often they do that without warning or explanations. But if they do offer an explanation, it’s probably that the relationship must be broken because your many faults.

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2. They will blame you for everything

Narcissists are masters at shifting the blame. And that’s because, in their eyes, they can’t do no wrong. Therefore, anything that goes wrong with the relationship must be your fault. Do you think that you’ve done nothing wrong? Well, a narcissist will invent reasons and you might even end up believing him.

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3. They have no fixed identity

It’s not only that they have a histrionic personality, that they like to be the center of attention and therefore they perform roles so that they could elicit the admiration of those around them. They take things even further. They will imitate the people from which they gave something to gain from, to make them feel more comfortable and to create a false sense of communion.

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4. They will involve everybody in their conflicts

When a narcissist has a fight with someone, the argument is almost never one to one. They feel the need, especially when they are cornered, to involve everybody in their conflicts. They play the victim and try to fool others into giving them emotional support.

Knowing how a narcissist mind works and what are their strategies will help you stay ahead of their game. Please, share this!