5 Little Lies All People Tell Themselves

People are built to keep secrets. The inherent human tendency for untruth lies in each of us, even if we don’t like to admit it. On his blog, Mark Manson summarized the crappiest things we all do but never admit.

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Assuming that honorable people and even the most honest person you know always speak the truth is a candid act but it’s far away from being true. It’s not that we all throw out bald-faced lies all day long but we do lie about things that turn out to be rather shitty and we never own up to them. The saddest part isn’t that we don’t admit them to anyone but neither to ourselves.

Here are some of the crappiest things we all do but never admit:

1. Looking at somebody while pretending you’re not

This one is a real classic. That moment when you pretend to look briefly at someone but actually want to totally stare at them, you’ve been there, right? You like everything about their face, do you think that happens very often? Well, it doesn’t. So smile and if they respond, go and say ‘Hi’. That’s how it was before texting if you can fathom. And the species survived.

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2. Flourishing our stories just because we can

Humans choose to employ in lying when they feel like the advantages of this action excels the risk of getting caught. We embellish the stories we tell to make ourselves look great, to emerge as the heroes of the story and basically to sound cool.

Because if there is a slight possibility we can appear more awesome, we will do it, because our to desire to impress and please others is innate. This is actually very wrong because every time we tell a story differently we alter its facts, thus each time redesigning it and soon our memories will be more flawed than usual.

3. Thinking that everybody knows what they’re doing besides you

When we’re seized with insecurity we automatically assume we are the single ones who don’t have a clue what to do with themselves. Nothing more untrue, everybody is confused in certain situations, they just fake it better than you.

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4. Keep forgetting that nobody really has a clue about anything

We carry our entire lives comparing ourselves to others. One must be a Zen Master to guard himself against this particular one rabbit hole. Very few of us succeed in not caring what other people think, not fantasizing about being the hero of another storyline, in not feeling the weight of so many other lives you are not living on their shoulders.

We should stop indulging in this unhealthy and destructive habit and understand, once and for all, that the array of insecurities resides in each and every one of us.

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5. Hiding the monster inside

We all have demons inside and they always pop in at night, asking if this is all there is to life while banging our head against the walls. We think about how our life was supposed to be, wonder how fast time passes and how we grow old in unexpected ways. The inner little demons never leave us, sometimes they’re the ones who keep us going.

What are some of the things you hide from yourself? Start admitting those crappy things about yourself, take a step forward to a more genuine life!