You Should Never Lie To Yourself About These 5 Things

We lie ourselves about a lot of things and for many reasons. But there are some things about which we should always be honest.

1. Our limits

Knowing our limits and accepting is an important aspect of our emotional well-being. This should not be interpreted as never trying to overcome them, to better ourselves. It’s more about knowing who we are, knowing where we stand and going from there.

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2. Our problems

Most of us want to project an image of self-confidence and power. We tend to sweep our problems under the rug. We are afraid to accept our weaknesses. But the ignored problems have a tendency to reappear at the worst time and wreak havoc in our lives.

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3. Our need for help

Even when we accept the fact that we have problems, we tend to keep them to ourselves. We don’t want to impose them on others or we are reluctant to ask for help. Asking for help at the right moment is actually a sign of courage, of our ability to be vulnerable in front of others.

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4. Our emotional ties

There are times in our lives when we are involved with toxic people. We don’t seem to find the courage to sever the ties with these people. This toxicity can be overcome if you remind yourself that you are worthy of love and respect.

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5. Our mistakes

To err is human. But we tend to forget this and when we make a mistake, we feel ashamed and try to cover it. Most often than not we end up making more mistakes and worsen our situations. But owning our mistakes, learning from them and moving on is the best approach.

Self-respect begins with being honest with ourselves. Please, share this!