5 Signs An Introvert Really Likes You

Introverts are very discreet people. They live inside their minds. That’s why it’s difficult to know whether they like you or not. Here are the subtle signs that they like you.

1. They introduce themselves to you

An introvert will normally keep strangers at a safe distance. If they take the initiative and introduce themselves, you must have really caught their eye.

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2. They gradually become friendly

It takes a lot of time for an introvert to open up and become friendly. If they give you signs of trying to become your friend, appreciate it, because it comes as a result of lot of effort from their part.

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3. They invite you to their home

For an introvert, privacy is essential. That’s why their home is like a sanctuary for them. Inviting you to their home is a significant clue that they’ve started trusting you.

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4. They help you

As timid as they may appear, introverts actually love helping others. They just have a hard time approaching you, fearing that you might find them intrusive. If they offer to help you, accept it! You can be sure that their offer is genuine.

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5. They make plans with you

For some introverts, just getting out of the house is an immense endeavor. If they make plans with you to go to a movie or a concert or anything that involves crowds, they must really like you.

Don’t pass up the chance to have an introvert in your life. They will be loyal and honest. Please, share this!