5 Signs That Someone Is Judging You, Not Listening To You

Silence is golden, they say. But is it fake gold? When somebody is silently observing us, are they listening or are they judging us?

If you are not sure whether somebody is truly listening to you or just judging you, you should ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do they usually show empathy?

You cannot be empathic and judgmental in the same time. You either put yourself in the other person’s shoes, or you secretly enjoy their misery and shortcomings. If you are dealing with a person whose capacity for empathy leaves much to be desired, chances are they are quietly judging you.

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2. Do they usually interrupt others when talking?

Cutting people off is a clear sign that the person doing it has no respect for their interlocutor. They think that nothing you might say is worth hearing so they just jump to express their own opinion, the only one that matters to them.

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3. Do they offer unsolicited advice?

We all need help and advice from time to time. But if someone cannot stop from telling you what you should do, what you should feel and think, this is not somebody trying to help you. This is someone trying to control you.

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4. Do they compare you to others?

If there’s nothing you can do that this other person couldn’t do better, if you are constantly compared to friends and strangers alike, but always found lacking, you are in the presence of a very judgmental person. However, make sure you’re not projecting your own judgmental voice on others.

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5. Can you be yourself in their presence?

An emotionally manipulative person will always try to make you uncomfortable with who you are. If you feel that you have to walk on eggshells in their presence, that you have to play a role in order to make them less aggressive, this is not the kind of person you want in your life. Please, share this!