5 Signs You Are In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

Being happy in a relationship is something that you immerse yourself into. You don’t feel the need to define the reasons why you feel the way you do. But sometimes doubt is sneaking in: things cannot be as perfect as they seem to you


The following signs are here for you to check if your relationship is as healthy as you imagine it to be.

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1. You are each other’s favorite person in the world

If both of you are impatient and can’t wait to see each other, if you consider the time spent together a gift, then it means that the relationship is giving you what you need and beyond that.

2. You are there for each other

One of the greatest thing about being in a relationship is to have somebody in your corner, no matter what life throws at you. If you feel that you are part of a team, if there is nothing that happens to you that you wouldn’t share with your partner, then you’ve truly found someone special.

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3. You are the best version of yourself in each other’s presence

A good and healthy relationship is a source of strength and optimism. It also inspires you to grow, to push through your limits and become somebody that you can admire. If you feel that there’s nothing you cannot accomplish now, maybe it’s because you feel protected and accepted enough to try harder than before.

4. You give each other space when needed

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The risk of being in a great relationship is that you might become tempted to slowly give up the things that interested you before going in. Your dreams, your hobbies or normal routine is what defines you. So if you somehow manage to explore all of them while being in a couple, this says that you and your partners know the value of spending time apart in order to come back with new things to share and enjoy.

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5. You know how to fight

A good relationship is not about the lack of conflict; it is about how you handle it. If many of your fights end up in laughter, if there are no resentments afterwards or you do not feel the need to hide who you are in order to appease your partner, then you should cherish them.

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