5 Surprising Things Your Face Can Reveal About You

They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it (pun intended): we all do it. We all form an opinion about someone as soon as we lay our eyes on them. We subconsciously perceive some people differently according to how they look.

Here’s what your physical appearance can reveal about you:

1. If you’re attractive, people think you have a great personality as well

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We tend to associate ‘being beautiful’ with ‘being a good person’. In that sense, looks carry a heavy weight. Psychologists call this ‘the halo effect’ which is about associating great looks with intelligence or kindness.

2. People use facial clues about height to determine if you’re a great leader

In a 2013 study, researchers found that people who use facial features to determine the height of someone also use them to determine their leadership skills.

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3. How you look can tell other people how aggressive you are

Another study suggested that men with higher testosterone levels were more likely to have larger cheekbones and wider faces. This also happens to reveal these men are usually more aggressive or power-driven.

4. People also use facial clues to determine how strong you are

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People with broader faces are usually thought of as being stronger people. Whereas people with happy faces are seen as being more trustworthy and (unsurprisingly so) friendly.

5. How you look can also indicate the state of your health

For example, more wrinkles can suggest a higher risk of heart disease.

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