5 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Depression

Even though there are a lot of people suffering from depression, not many can find the courage to ask for help. And we make things worse by saying the wrong things to them. Here 5 things you should never say to someone with depression.

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1. There’s no good reason for you to be sad

Being depressed has nothing to do with objective reasons. It’s a sadness and an inactive state that comes out of the blue and upon which the person has no power. Telling them they have no reason to feel the way they do doesn’t accomplish anything, except making them feel worse.

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2. Stop playing the victim

Depressed people are not trying to be the center of attention. On the contrary, they usually do their best to hide their emotional turmoil, because they feel ashamed.

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3. You don’t try enough

Being depressed is not a matter of choice, because if it were, nobody would choose to feel that their whole being is turning into ashes. Suggesting them they should try harder is an awful thing to say, because you couldn’t even imagine how much effort even getting out of bed involves for them.

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4. You’re bringing everybody down

Depressed people know that they are not fun to be around. But they still need love and affection from friends and family members. Don’t make them feel guilty for their emotional state, since they already do.

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5. Have you tried going out and having some fun?

Of course they’ve tried. They’ve tried everything and nothing has worked (at least, for the moment). Going out wouldn’t change anything, they would feel even more isolated because they can’t connect with anybody. But they’ve tried it, in spite of the fact all they want to do is hide in a cave.

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