5 Ways Sociopaths Try To Control You – MIND WONDERS


A sociopath is usually a charming person, with a great deal of intelligence and even good manners. What gives a sociopath away is their lack of remorse and shame for anything they do. They are only interested in themselves and have a very narrow range of emotions. Because they are egocentric and superficial, they are incapable of true love..


But they won’t admit any of these traits and will focus their energy to convince you that you are the real problem. Here are some of their most common techniques they use to undermine your confidence and take advantage of you.

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1. They will tap into your deepest fears

Name calling and labeling you is one of their favorite means to make you feel small. Everything that’s wrong with your relationship is your fault. It’s you that is too sensitive, crazy or nasty. Everybody knows they are perfect.

2. They will tell you whatever you want to hear

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Because they have no problem lying and telling you whatever you want to hear, they will make you believe you are their true and only love. This is how they hook you. And if you try to confront them on any issue, they will try to deflect your anger by reassuring you of their love and devotion.  But their only object of devotion is their own person.

3. They will play the victim

If compliments and love vows don’t work, they will try to make you doubt your understanding of the situation. They always want you to believe that their real reasons are altruistic and more complex than they appear. They are not.

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4. They will tell you no one else will love you

To eliminate the possibility of you leaving the relationship, they will hit where it hurts the most. After making you feel like the worst person that ever lived, when your self-esteem is shattered, they will try to convince you that they are the only person who is willing to tolerate you.

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It’s them or nobody else, since nobody will love or even tolerate a wreck like you. Don’t fall for that and try to keep your confidence!

5. They will quickly turn defense into attack

If you try to explain how they are harming you, they will likely tell you that you cannot let go of things, that you are ungrateful or think too much. This is their way of making you powerless. To constantly doubt the reality that you know to be true.

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If you let them corrode your sense of reality and the importance of your own perspective, the damage will be long lasting.

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