6 Common Reasons Why An Ex Tries To Get Back In Your Life

Why do exes always pop up in our lives after we’ve finally moved on? Apparently, this happens very often. More like, ALWAYS. Even if they decide to reappear after 3 weeks, 3 months or even 3 years. And somehow, the timing is always perfect (not) because you’ve either completely moved on with your life or dating someone new. Or both.

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Here’s why exes try to reenter your life:

1. They’re looking for an ego boost

They may be at a low point on their life and just want to feel good about themselves again. And they know you could always manage that when you were together. (Little does he know about the fact that you moved on).

2. They rebounded but that didn’t go well

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When they were with you, they thought they could find something better. They thought that maybe they could have a better relationship with someone without all that hard work. So they went out with someone else for a while, only to be disappointed. Because they realized that someone else also has faults. This whole experience made them miss you so they’ve returned, ready to renegotiate.

3. They’re curious if you’ve changed

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They keep wondering if whatever was that didn’t work out between you two could work this time around. They are relying on the idea that maybe you’ve changed all those things about yourself that he didn’t like. Also, they think they’ve changed and want you to know.

4. They want a shoulder to cry on

If you also had a deep friendship, chances are he’ll crave for the emotional support he received from you. He knows that is really hard to find in today’s dating world.

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5. They want sex

If you had amazing chemistry, then you’ll have it forever. Unless you both completely changed your taste in people, you are probably still very much attracted to each other. If he’s back in your life, then maybe he just misses all that great sex.

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6. They genuinely want you back

Sometimes, time apart makes one realize what they’ve lost. We usually tend to forget the bad memories as time goes by and focus on the happy ones. This explains why it happens so often that an ex who let go of you realizes the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.

So they come back and try to reconnect with you, hoping there’s still a chance!

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