4 Things You Can Do If You Hate Dating

Dating is like auditioning for an uncertain role. And like any audition, it can be terrifying. Here are 4 tips for people who don’t want to stay single, but don’t like dating either.

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1. Make the conversation more interesting

Let’s be honest, learning about where the other person is born brings nothing to the table. Unless you discover that you were neighbors for 18 years and never met. But otherwise, asking and answering this type of questions can be extremely boring. Try to come up with some interesting questions, that actually tells you something about the person in front of you.

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2. Take it lightly

One of the reasons you probably hate dating is that you take it too seriously. Instead of being a fun activity, you regard it as something that must go perfectly. In other words, you regard it as work. But if you think about it, even a bad date can become a funny story that you can tell your friends. Not to mention the fact that you can learn from your mistakes and have a better date next time.

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3. Don’t settle for good enough

After a couple of dates, that person who doesn’t really make you tick may seem out of a sudden more attractive. They are not. You’re just tired of dating. But settling for someone with whom you don’t really have anything in common is a bad idea. It’s probably not going to work and you’ll have to start the whole dating process all over again.

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4. Don’t play games

Ok, dating is scary and strategizing can make you feel more in control. But on the other hand, it can make things unnecessarily complicated. That rule about waiting 3 days before calling? Non-sense. Over-analyzing the text you’ve just received? Useless. Try to figure out what seems to be the natural thing to do in the moment and go with that!

Well, we hope this will help. Good luck! Please, share this!